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Slab leaks are the water leaks that happen underneath a concrete slab. It can happen anywhere. It can be under the parking lot concrete slab, under the pavement, under driveway, floor, commercial building basement, etc.
Leaks that happen underneath the slabs can be quite difficult to fix without proper equipment to access the leak. The important thing is to repair such leaks as soon as possible. Slabs will hide such leaks until they are big enough to do permanent damage. It will create a hole under the concrete and slowly eat away the ground from under the concrete. The concrete floor may collapse, completely disintegrate and cost a lot of money to restore it. Not to mention the leak can flood your property and do structural damage.

Leaks under the concrete slabs occur from water mains, sewers, spikler pipes etc. The pipe may rust and leak on it;s own. The pipe might be destroyed by pressure from the surrounding. The pipes might be destroyed by pests or due to tree roots. Tree roots are the most common cause of pipe leaks under the slabs. No matter the type of pipe metal, PVC or others, they degrade with time and might break due to external factors.

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If you have a slab leak, no need to panic. Plumbing Plainview Texas has solved thousands of cases of slab leaks and provided adequate replacement to prevent any major damage. We have concrete cutting equipment and professionals who can carry out the task with ease. We have all the necessary knowledge and equipment to remove the slab and repair leaks underneath. We will install strong and durable pipes after removing the leak, so something like that does happen again. We will cut down the roots that have caused the damage and repair the slab back in its place so you don’t have to look at the ugly cut concrete slab.

Here are some of the obvious signs that you need sab leak replacement. If you notice wel spots on the concrete, cold concrete floor or particularly hot if it’s hot water that means there is a slab leak. If you notice water from an unknown place and walking water from unexpected places that makes the slab leaks has travelled to the place and leaking. It is best to call Plumbing Plainview Texas who can perform a through leak detection then do the necessary slab leak replceent to prevent the leak from destroying your property and water wastage.

For slab leaks one of the most important things is inspection. If you suspect a slab leak the first thing you should do is call for plumbing inspection, even if it is not for repair. A thorough inspection can tell you much more and ease your worries if you don’t have a slab leak. In case you do have slab leak we will make the replacement process as much less-invasive as possible. We take the least invasive route, for ex,aple if we can fix the leak with glue or smoldering, we will. We do repiping only if extremely necessary and not because we want to charge you more. We will heckle the whole concrete pavement and only cut out the small place where the leak is located.

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Our prices are fair and you don’t have to worry about extra costs such as equipment charge or cleaning charge. All the cats will be mentioned in the quote and we do not deviate from the initial quoted amount. We promise you quality service and 100% customer satisfaction. Call us today for emergency slab leak service or schedule a date.


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