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Are you facing waterline problems in your house or office? Waterline issues are more common than you think. Water lines are often old and the pipes are more than fifty years old.

These pipes are made of metal such as copper, aluminum or galvanized iron. As good as these metals are, they are indestructible, they rust over time, deposit sludge, minerals and clog the pipes. If you are facing such an issue, it is best to call for a professional.

Water lines are usually underground. It may run under your foundation, under the basement floor, under the backyard ground and connected to your house from a community water source. It is highly dangerous and sometimes illegal to try to meddle with the main line without a professional. Plumbing Plainview Texas has the authority and licencing to repair and fix main water lines when needed. We can take specific permission if required. Plumbing Plainview Texas is dedicated to our work and believes in 100% customer satisfaction.

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Here Are Some Common Water Line Issues

Cracks on the waterline. If you notice leaks under the ground of your backyard, under concrete slabs, in the basement, it may be due to the main waterline. If you see low water pressure in all your taps irrespective of the location of tap and employ hot water tanks, it means there is an issue with the main water line.

Water pipes are under strain, and a split in the water main allows water to leak out of the pipe and ultimately to the surface floor, whether that be the driveway, the front lawn or the home basement. This may also allow the home to be polluted with sewage. If that occurs , it is important that we avoid using equipment or tap water.

Waterline from the main has a valve to control the water’s flow from the main. If this valve is faulty you may notice leaking, extra water wastage and high water bills for your house. Plumbing Plainview Texas can replace these valves and install a new better one in its place.

If you notice funky smelling water or slow water flow even when there are no leaks that means a blockage in the waterline. Our team can check the pipes for any leak and fix it promptly.

Unnoticed leakage of your water main will trigger significant (and costly) structural damage to your house. These can involve floor and wall destruction, mildew and mold issues, and water pollution that is environmentally damaging and reduces water bills. Wet stains on the ground and walls, or mildew, are also one indication. Leaks are frequently found in areas that are hard to find, such as under a slab or deep in the grass, shielded from view until they do serious harm. Only asking for a consultant is the only way to say unequivocally if the pipe is overflowing.Our leak detection tea can successfully detect even the smallest of leaks and work on it. We repipe your whole waterline if required or repair minor leaks with semi-permanent solutions.

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It is necessary to repair the issues when a leak is found on the water base in order to avoid long-term harm to the homes and property as early as possible. If your pipes are more than fifty years old and you have noticed a number of leaks over the years it’s probably time for your waterline to be repipes by professionals. Plumbing Plainview Texas can repipe your waterline effectively without any issue. We are one of the most affordable companies in Texas. When you need waterline replacement at a reasonable pricing call us.


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